Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ask to be Guru, Without asking to be guru!

Now you're probably confused by the title but I'll make it as simple as possible, If you have already Asked to be guru by clicking the tip, then you come across something else you want to be guru of, you won't be able to click the tip again but you can still ask! just go to the search bar and search "guru" there will be multiple results, but the one you want is the picture of a monk with a laptop (quite amusing actually) and ask! remember to include a link to help them access it easier, you can access the guru topic page here:, good luck! make sure you write a good review, or else you won't get the much needed votes!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Search Item Only!

So you're gliding along liking alot of items, building up you counter, and you want some more, make sure to get into all the nuts and crannies of GetGlue by looking everywhere there really is alot of stuff on this website, you could be the first to discover them!

So you search an item, for example "Avatar", you will get ALOT of results, but you only want to search for films by the name Avatar, so look through the films and at the bottom on the Movies Category you will see 'Search Movies Only' when you click on that you will see the same results as before you may also discover some MORE  Movies that weren't originally on the other search page, this may give you the opportunity to become guru (unless someone else has Searched Movies Only)... But make sure you know about that film, do some research, find and watch it online if you really want!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hidden Help!

This was suggested by eduble! So your cruising along, liking a few of your friends topics, movies, books etc. and you come across a movie that looks interesting, and you want to be guru of it! well if you hover over the top right hand corner of the image of the film then you will notice a cog sign, seconds later and a pop-up will appear, this is a very informative pop-up and will give you the following: Links to sites such as Images, related videos and you can even share the information with other social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter... The pop-up will even give you the amount of users that have visited the site, if its alot, then your gonna want to write a decent review, but if its around 10-20 you can easily become guru! but still write a decent review, maybe make use of those links and find out a little more about the particular topic, film or book etc that you can later add to the review!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Follow Worthy!

Sometimes you will come across people who you will follow but not get followed back, a good way to get noticed and hopefully get them to follow you is to vote for them on such things like reviews and vote on their check-ins and comments often, sometimes they will need only one vote to become the guru of that particular item and you can be there to give them that precious vote!

But be warned some people will be arrogant enough to never follow you back, if so, give up, vote for other users reviews, maybe THEY will follow you for voting them to be guru, this can also link to your friends also voting for that review, something i like to call payback!

WARNING: There are some sneaky annoying people that will follow you, wait for you to follow them and then un-follow you! "WHAT?!" I hear you say? yes people are actually desperate enough to do it, and if you are reading this and do this, please stop, its pointless. There is really no way of detecting this because GetGlue hasn't yet thought of adding it to the site, so for now I would just look through your following and followers and look to see if you are missing some followers that you follow, this does not apply to people who dont follow people who follow them?

I am aware that some of this is hard to understand so just message me if you want me to re-word it!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Guru Trade!

Once you have around 30-50 guru's (including some popular topics, films, books etc) then then you will most likely have a few friends, Guru Trading is an excellent way of getting guru's off your friends while giving them a guru in return! Say your friend was the guru of Avatar (the most popular film on GG) and you want it, all you do is negotiate your way to the current guru accepting your offer (sometimes it may take 2 or 3 guru's for them to want to part with the item!) and when you have reviewed it simply Ask to become guru (if you dont know how just go here) but notify your other friends before hand, if you cant get enough votes, spark up a conversation and check-in to allow your friends to vote!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Want To Be Guru? Ask Friends to Vote!

Here is a little guide for all the users that are currently stuck on asking friends to vote for them so that they can be guru!

1. Write a great review, maybe a paragraph or two (remember that the max. words allowed is 1000)
2. Remember to like the item you are reviewing, you will never be guru unless you like it!
3 Go to the 'Top Rated' tab next to the 'Following' tab, a little thing i am used to doing is counting how many votes the current guru has, if its 100 votes and you only have 40 followers, I would wait a while before you can ask!
4. Click on the following: Tip: Want to be the Guru? Ask Friends To Vote -- this is located underneath the current guru's review.
5. Finally, add a comment if you wish and ask people from Facebook and Twitter by ticking the boxes underneath your message and then Submit!

WARNING: The Tip: Want to be the Guru? Ask Friends To Vote message will only pop up every 24 hours so use it wisely, if the current guru has 100 votes, use it, if it has a measly 10 votes just send your friends a quick message on one of their check-ins!

Also, a good tip is too read the guru's review, this is essential, firstly you may learn something and want to put it in your own review (make sure its in your own words though),  Also if you dont think you can match a review like theirs then wait while, take some time to practice reviewing and learn to use some sophisticated words (long cool sounding words that are relevant to the topic, song, movie etc.)

To Be Private Or Not To Be Private!

Privacy is everything nowadays , but sometimes it can affect your follower count, you see nowadays people may be too lazy to request a friendship on GetGlue and normally don't bother. But requesting IS a good thing because you get a follower! simple, but if you wont to keep your following count down you will not want to request! and hope that they notice and follow you without wanting a follow back! But there can be bad things about Private Profiles, for instance, you may find a review by them and it may be a plagiarist review and it may be a one off but you will never be too sure, which means you cannot report because frankly, you have no evidence, unless the GG team can bypass Private Profiles, there is not much you can do!