Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hidden Help!

This was suggested by eduble! So your cruising along, liking a few of your friends topics, movies, books etc. and you come across a movie that looks interesting, and you want to be guru of it! well if you hover over the top right hand corner of the image of the film then you will notice a cog sign, seconds later and a pop-up will appear, this is a very informative pop-up and will give you the following: Links to sites such as Images, related videos and you can even share the information with other social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter... The pop-up will even give you the amount of users that have visited the site, if its alot, then your gonna want to write a decent review, but if its around 10-20 you can easily become guru! but still write a decent review, maybe make use of those links and find out a little more about the particular topic, film or book etc that you can later add to the review!

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