Saturday, 26 March 2011

Search Item Only!

So you're gliding along liking alot of items, building up you counter, and you want some more, make sure to get into all the nuts and crannies of GetGlue by looking everywhere there really is alot of stuff on this website, you could be the first to discover them!

So you search an item, for example "Avatar", you will get ALOT of results, but you only want to search for films by the name Avatar, so look through the films and at the bottom on the Movies Category you will see 'Search Movies Only' when you click on that you will see the same results as before you may also discover some MORE  Movies that weren't originally on the other search page, this may give you the opportunity to become guru (unless someone else has Searched Movies Only)... But make sure you know about that film, do some research, find and watch it online if you really want!

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