Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Follow Worthy!

Sometimes you will come across people who you will follow but not get followed back, a good way to get noticed and hopefully get them to follow you is to vote for them on such things like reviews and vote on their check-ins and comments often, sometimes they will need only one vote to become the guru of that particular item and you can be there to give them that precious vote!

But be warned some people will be arrogant enough to never follow you back, if so, give up, vote for other users reviews, maybe THEY will follow you for voting them to be guru, this can also link to your friends also voting for that review, something i like to call payback!

WARNING: There are some sneaky annoying people that will follow you, wait for you to follow them and then un-follow you! "WHAT?!" I hear you say? yes people are actually desperate enough to do it, and if you are reading this and do this, please stop, its pointless. There is really no way of detecting this because GetGlue hasn't yet thought of adding it to the site, so for now I would just look through your following and followers and look to see if you are missing some followers that you follow, this does not apply to people who dont follow people who follow them?

I am aware that some of this is hard to understand so just message me if you want me to re-word it!

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