Monday, 14 March 2011

Want To Be Guru? Ask Friends to Vote!

Here is a little guide for all the users that are currently stuck on asking friends to vote for them so that they can be guru!

1. Write a great review, maybe a paragraph or two (remember that the max. words allowed is 1000)
2. Remember to like the item you are reviewing, you will never be guru unless you like it!
3 Go to the 'Top Rated' tab next to the 'Following' tab, a little thing i am used to doing is counting how many votes the current guru has, if its 100 votes and you only have 40 followers, I would wait a while before you can ask!
4. Click on the following: Tip: Want to be the Guru? Ask Friends To Vote -- this is located underneath the current guru's review.
5. Finally, add a comment if you wish and ask people from Facebook and Twitter by ticking the boxes underneath your message and then Submit!

WARNING: The Tip: Want to be the Guru? Ask Friends To Vote message will only pop up every 24 hours so use it wisely, if the current guru has 100 votes, use it, if it has a measly 10 votes just send your friends a quick message on one of their check-ins!

Also, a good tip is too read the guru's review, this is essential, firstly you may learn something and want to put it in your own review (make sure its in your own words though),  Also if you dont think you can match a review like theirs then wait while, take some time to practice reviewing and learn to use some sophisticated words (long cool sounding words that are relevant to the topic, song, movie etc.)

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