Thursday, 10 March 2011

Your Check-ins are on Fire!

By now your getting a few stickers and maybe a few followers, but check-ins are important aswell, people can see that you are Quick Fire Checking, this can get you hidden stickers like Cylon, Drama Queen, Hopeless Romantic and others (just go to Check-in Stickers under the All Stickers Tab).The more check-ins you have the more you will be noticed by others, and it will most definitely get you climbing those leaderboards, if you check-ins to a particular item, ie Movies, you will climb the leaderboard for both Movie Buff and Top User! But remember that your total count of check-ins FOR THAT DAY will reset for the next day so check-in constantly because i dont know about you but - ******** checked in to 400 things - looks good!

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