Friday, 11 March 2011

Leading the Boards!

Do you dream of hitting the high notes of a particular thing, ie Topics, Movies, Video Games? Well its really easy! At first it may seem it but you could be first in seconds!

Remember that little link shouting out to you: Quick Rate.
Quick Rate will purely elevate your score but not to the top 50 - liking a particular item will only get you +2 points, where as checking-in WITH A COMMENT will get you +7 points!
here is the points score to help you out:
Points System: Like/Check-in: +2, Save/Dislike: +2, Reply = +3, Review/Comment = +5
If you are going for the guru title for that thing then it would be wise to reply to posts more often because while you get +3 points for the leaderboards, it also vgives your friends the opportunity to vote for your replies!

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