Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pointers & Tips!

Quick Check!
Quick Check is a really easy way too bump up that Check-in counter, firstly go to a popular item ie Twilight (book), check-in to it, then under the description there will be links to other things that are similar to Twilight, click on the first one and check-in to that, then a few more links will appear, click on one and keep doing that until, well when you get bored or there aren't any links, in that case go back to the start and do it again and click different links!

Liking It!
At times you might have nothing left to do because you have been liking stuff 24/7! but you can go even further! just go to the Public Stream and like stuff that other people have liked! if your REALLY new you will most definitely get the Fist Bump sticker, other than that you will get a higher Like count!

Comment That Check!
So you've mastered the check-ins? or have you? did you ever notice that when you check-in with a comment you not only bump up that check-in count but you also bump up the Review count! yes, when you check-in with a comment like 'check' or 'c' you bump up the review count, i noticed this after around 700 check-ins! so if you do it from you first check-in you may have around 6000 check-ins and 6,000 reviews, cool, huh?

Favorite your Guru's!
Favoriting your guru's can be a big help, if you have 34 guru's and 36 favorites it means someone out there in the community has stole your guru's! People stealing your guru's will become more frequent when you have more guru's, but it will get harder finding which one you have lost once your past 70-100 as you will need to go through each list which may take a long time!

Start your Guru'ing engines!
Guru's give both respect and notices, so if your new, start with unpopular items, if you visit an item and it has 1 Visit, 1 Like, 0 Check-in that gives you a chance to become guru without needing votes! just write the review and you have it! this is a common choice amongst users so go out there and claim yours!

USE IT! get the app, go to 'Upcoming' and look at the films that are set to be big! go to the bottom and look at the name of the film, THEN go to GetGlue and search the name, there is a high chance that this has not been discovered by other users! write your review and get some votes, THEN when its released and there is a sticker for it, you will be noticed, but only if your guru of most upcoming films as people will remember you and to make sure you are remembered, WRITE A GOOD REVIEW! and even secure it by checking in with a comment so people can either find it funny, agree with it or find it useful!

GetGlue Add-on!
I urge you to get this add-on with Mozilla Firefox, purely because most of the time it doesn't show up on Google Chrome. If you are visiting some of GG supported websites this may show up, if you go to a particular topic it may show up and have no visits, likes, check-ins giving you a shiny opportunity to review and Guru!

So there you go, some lessons i learned while venturing into GG and its wonderful world of Entertainment!

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