Thursday, 10 March 2011

More Following? Less Following?

Are you going to take the gamble and follow LOTS of users and hope you get lots in return? or will you let fate decide and wait till people notice you and follow you?
This may help you decide (number taken 10/03/2011):
Dexter99 - Following: 28445 users - Followers: 3033 - now that amount of followers means a WHOLE LOT OF VOTES if you ever want to be guru but your stream may get very busy and you will have alot of messages of people wanting to be guru all the time!

Sabrina (brinavee) - Following: 66 - Followers: 1107 - a little less than Dexter but all the same alot of followers! your messages are less clogged up and the stream is clean! BUT these people with lots of followers but little following have a very high respect on GetGlue and it takes a longer period of time to get those wanted followers.

so whats your choice, let the followers build up over time or follow everything with a pulse?

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