Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nice Review You Got There!

Reviewing is really easy, but only if you know about that particular item! writing a review has to be funny and eye-catching, AND LONG! an acceptable review is at least 4 lines, if you cant get past 4 lines, give up! here is a few tips:
1. Dont be a plagiarist, not a popular path and doesn't mix well with good reviewers!! FYI a plagiarist is a user who writes a crummy review maybe a word or a line, or they even copy the description, AGAIN NOT POPULAR.
2. To review, go to the page you want, like it, click on the 'Review This' tab next to the 'Check-in' tab... review it and then submit!
Not Getting the Votes You Need? 
1. Before reviewing, i would follow a few people, take a look at how much people they are following, if they are following more people than are following them, they are the people who will follow you back! this is essential to getting the votes you need!
2. Tip: Want to be guru: Ask friends to vote! - this will appear when you have written your fantabulous review, if it hasn't, refresh the page! - But it will only appear every 24 hours upon using it, so pick what you need to be guru of wisely!

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