Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Look At You Go!

Now I have a few tips for you:
1. Once you have signed up your gonna want to get a good start, that search box is there for a reason, start with your favorite stuff, search them, like them! 
2. Now go for 'Quick Rate' - a really easy way to get more likes, and to get up that leaderboard! - a good  way to get followers! - there are many leaderboards whether you like electronics, the latest topics or the hottest films, books or music start liking them and get noticed!!
3. Now for check-ins! - again, find your favorite stuff and click on them! (sometimes you may search but not get what you want!) so, once your on the page scroll down to the comment box and maybe leave a little comment about that particular thing! after you've commented simply click the button entitled Check-in! - it really is easy!

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