Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A few Recommendations!

Here are a few people i definitely recommend to you so you can get the best start possible!
1. Anita (anita_buck2) - a wonderful woman - very hepful and kind person!
2. Sabrina (brinavee) - a very popular person amongst GetGlue - very friendly and always there for you!
3. Sandi (sandi_hennig) - Again, wonderful person, socializer and helpful with votes, a very good friend!
4. Lisa (loveforlillie) - one of my first friends on GG, a lovely woman, introduced me to the likes of Sabrina, Loukas (sadly no longer with us)....
5. Diego (diegoavilahbfly) - a good friend, always there for you, a generally great guy!
6. San (darkknight1501) - a funny guy, helps out alot, batman fan! (who isn't?)
7. Kelli Marie (cubbiesgirl99) - a lovely woman with many talents including reviewing! true blood fan, generally helpful!
8. Tiffany (thespiraldown) - a woman to follow!!!! makes friends easily!
9. MsMalusPeel - a very nice woman who is kind and helpful unless you mean to her or her friends!
10. Larry (readheadguy23) - now we dont talk but he is really cool and votes for you! Great guy
11. Ryan (ryanmeeks) - top notch guy, popular, reliable!
12. Victor (CynicalPsyche) - a great guy who is very chatty and friendly, helps you out and is there if you are in need!
13. Fidel J. (Dragyn76) - an ultimate guy, very helpful with votes and very well respected from both me and the whole of the GG community!
14. Ben (bsalgado) - a great guy and helps out in you time of need! A guy to go to about films!
15. AnDrew - helpful, talkative and a good friend of mine, a definite follow!
16. InteractThis - always helpful and her posts are funny, a lovely person!
17. Andrew Warner - One of my earlier friends, helps out and talkative, a good friend!
18. Bryan (Authenticgemini) - bryan is a wonderful guy, VERY helpful and a good friend!
Now i will have said this a million times but these guys are helpful and i urge you to follow them! And i have said they will vote for you BUT that means you need to do your part and vote for them, they dont vote for nothing!!


  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out! You are such a sweetheart! :)

  2. your most welcome, its just for the new-comers so they go to the right people!

  3. I didn't make the cut. Ah well, next time :) Nice list you put together there though, buddy!

  4. you know you have melted my heart even more young man & you already know how I feel about you this is an even better list to be #1 on thsn the Guru board

  5. thks so much Scotty! I am so honored and giddy to make the list and be #3. I am always there for you sweetie. thks for all the nice things you ssaid.

  6. hehe - it's really Sandi I hacked into Anita's google!

  7. lol sandi!! Bryan!!!! there were so many on the list, i knew there was some one i missed, i really am very sorry :-(

  8. Wow thanks, Scotty! I'm flattered my friend :)

  9. Hey Scotty, We are all very flattered by you and your kind words. Thank you so much and for all that you do. I think that your name should be on this list too though! I know, it's not your style to brag about you - but you are a great guy and a wonderful friend to many of us! I am always there for you!