Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Glued To The Stickers!

Stickers are a great way too get noticed by other users - i suggest going to here: Sticker Tab > All Stickers > Check-in Stickers. here you can find some really easy stickers to acquire (although some may take longer to get, i would still go for them!) - READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY. Sometimes you may miss out words while reading the description, check-in to the item and not get the sticker! Search it in the search box, find it, like it, check-into it! Sometimes it may require a word or a phrase, scroll down to see other users posts if the words are repeating in the posts - copy and paste it! or if you know the phrase already then check-in with that phrase! But remember they have to be word for word! If you see the word 'Fan' in a particular sticker it requires you to check-in to that item 5 times, if it says superfan - check-in 15 times!!

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